About us

Mighty Morris was founded on the background of breaking free from society’s expectations and following your very own path.

Everyone has dreams and hopes. Dreams can be reality but often times we let others dictate our story instead of keeping the pen. We’re expected to go the reasonable way. Why take the risk and do something you love? Risk taking is letting others interfere with the story you want to write for yourself.

At Mighty Morris we believe in embracing your inner self. We are all individuals which shouldn’t be afraid to act individually! This is your life and your story to tell.

Who’s writing your story?


Our stronghold pomade ensures a matt look including a unique masculine scent. We made sure to enrich our liquid gold with the best of natural ingredients.


We want every man to reach their maximum potential and be aware of their appearance.

Barbershops play a big role in guiding men to their best look. If you care for your clients and take the time to create the best experience, do not hesitate to contact us for our wholesale pricing and get your hands on a free sample.


Serkan Michael Morris

CEO and Founder

Jonas Braun